In 1984 Pastor Phillips accepted the call of God to become a shepherd to God’s people. The first sanctuary was located at 3902 DeChaumes Street. Armed with his bible and instructions from God, Pastor Phillips began to lead the people of God not according to his purpose or plan but according to the plans and instruction given by the father. While on Dechaumes Street, the church was faithfully known as Temple of Praise.
In 1986, God spoke to Pastor Phillips and told him it was time to relocate. In a vision, God gave Pastor Phillips a description of the property for which the new sanctuary would be located. The property as described in the vision consisted of a piece of land with three (3) buildings.
One day while driving down Hirsch Road, Pastor Phillips spotted the property as described by God in his vision. Pastor Phillips immediately described to the congregation the property seen in his vision and plans were made to relocate.
With much prayer and much faith, Pastor Phillips and a couple of the members walked the property, claimed it and believe God for the rest. The pastor, his family, friends and members of the church sacrificially gave of time and money to clear the property even before an official offer had been made for the property and before the financing had been approved.
In November 1987, the vision was fulfilled when the church relocated to 11710 Hirsch Road and met for the first time in the new location, following the move to Hirsch Road, the church was renamed to New Temple of Praise representing a new beginning. The current sanctuary is constructed to house approximately 250 members, an increase of 150 seats from the old sanctuary on DeChaumes Street. The church motto of Serving God by Serving People has had a profound effect on its members and that of the community.
Through the anointed teaching and preaching of the Pastor, many lives have been positively impacted by the Word of God. Throughout the years, God has sent many laborers to build upon the vision, some have planted and moved on, others have stayed to continue the work of the ministry and to expedite God’s plan in spreading the gospel to every generation.
In1991, As God continue to move upon the hearts of the people, construction of the inside walls and ceiling began. It took continued prayer and faith over the next couple of years to accomplish even greater tasks.
In 1999, the education building was erected and the elder’s hall obtained a face-lift.
In 2002, after many years of blistering summers, the church was air-conditioned. Throughout the many years, God continued to bless and continued to move.
In 2003, God blessed us with a Deacon’s Hall and restrooms connected to the sanctuary in addition to new pews and ceiling fans.
The church continues to grow with an increased emphasis on God building the body and the body building the church. The number of active auxiliaries has increased from a few to approximately 17.
To say that all of these blessings came without sacrifices would be a huge mistake because there were times when it appeared that every way we turned, trouble was on every side, yet under the guidance of our Pastor and Co-Pastor we preserved, we were not distressed. At times, were perplexed but we did not in despair, we faced persecution but we were not forsaken, we were cast down on numerous occasion but we were not destroyed, WHY because God was there, watching our every move, cheering us on, encouraging us to endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ and through it all we are YET
holding on.

As we prepare for the next leg of our journey; a new sanctuary with a seating capacity of 750, we do so, with our faith, our belief and our trust in God who can do anything for there is nothing to hard for God to do.


Our task:

Complete the vision.

The vision has been written according to the Word of God in Habakkuk by our Pastor. It is clear and plain. Now we must do our part in reading and running with it.

Our challenge:

Stay encouraged

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

We must work while it is day because night cometh when no man can work.

Our mission:

Stay focused

Forget those things, which are behind and press toward the mark.