Thank you for taking the time to find out more about New Temple of Praise Church and our community. New Temple of Praise Church was established in Houston, TX in 1984. We hope that after you look through our website and attend a service, you will consider becoming a more active part of our growing community of faith.
Led by Apostle Lalan Phillips, New Temple of Praise Church offers many ministries for people of all ages and walks of life who are looking to strengthen their relationship with Christ. Here are just a few of our ministries: United Men’s Fellowship is a ministry designed to meet the needs of our men; our Pastor’s Aide ministry teaches how us to serve the men and women of God, our Women Ambassadors for Christ is a ministry devoted specifically to women, and our Youth Ministry is designed to develop and mentor our youth in the Word of the Lord.

Mission Statement

The mission of New Temple of Praise Church is to promote unity, harmony and oneness among church leaders and the Body of Christ. As believers, the world will know us because of the love that we have for one another. The greatest gift of all is charity, which is not just love or the mere spoken term of love, but it is the action verb, that gives of one self for the betterment of the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.
Our outreach ministries promise to promote and help facilitate the use of seminars, revivals as well as camp meeting to bring believers together from all walks of life and religions and extends to prisons, hospitals, schools, nursing homes as well as in home care.
As we branch out into various other arenas, it becomes inherently beneficial that we grow with the community. Additional outreach programs include but are not limited to are: the enactment of a resource center, child care and development center, educational assistance and food pantry.

Our Vision

As leaders, it is our vision to care for the people of the community and to erect and enact such programs for the betterment of God’s people. As a body of Christ, we believe that it is our spiritual duty to assist in any means possible to win others to Christ.
Our Vision serves a two fold purpose: first, to encourage the people of the community to turn their lives over to a sovereign God and secondly to develop those under our care and leadership to be able to operate spiritual and mentally in a changed environment.
To support our vision, we recognize the need to expand our facilities in order to enhance our community relationships with neighboring schools, nursing homes, hospitals and prisons. In our endeavors to meet the needs of the people, it because increasingly important to look for and work toward those things which would best meet the needs of our surrounding community.
As we press toward the mark of high calling in Christ Jesus, we wish to make a positive impact on the neighboring community through offering educational assistance as well as teen and adult counseling.

A Community of Faith

Our church is not just about a weekly service on a Sunday morning or an occasional Bible study. We are a community of faith sharing our lives together throughout the week as well. Our community may offer weekly meetings, support groups and mission trips, but these are just the outward signs of life of this “Body of Christ.”
Our common faith in our Lord Jesus paints the way we “do life together” and is the undercurrent of all our social interactions. We share our joys, successes and good times. We also share our hurts, disappointments and failures. Our Christian walk of faith encourages us to trust in God whatever the circumstance. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

We Are Followers

Ultimately, Christians are merely followers of Jesus. We aspire to His teachings, we are taught by the Bible, and are daily surrendering our lives to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is what is meant by the proclamation, “Jesus is Lord,” that has become a cliché in today’s lexicon. In the simplest terms, it means we allow God, in the person of Jesus, to take the driver’s seat and we go along for the ride!

Popular culture is in direct conflict with this approach to life, so we find that we need a support group of fellow believers to help us on this journey. That is what our church community is all about. We have people in many different stages of that journey. Whether you’re a seeker and not sure what you believe yet, a new believer struggling with your new identity in Christ or a veteran Christian, you’ll find others here that you can connect with right where you are.

We look forward to taking the journey with you!