Apostle Lalan Phillips is an Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ who was called into the Apostolic Ministry by God, not men. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Temple of Praise Church.
His apostolic ministry is identified by the spiritual authority given him as set forth in the of the book II Corinthians, the twelfth chapter and the twelfth verse which says, Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs and wonders, and mighty deeds.
Having been taught by God through the continuous study of His Word, he manifests all the attributes and signs of an apostle, ministering in the power of God, and not the wisdom of men. His fruits manifest the living God and his leadership exemplifies Christ’s example.
He is self-supporting which does not deter him from his mission of Serving God by Serving People. He is holy, righteous and blameless exhibiting patience and gentleness with the saints. He exhorts, comforts, and chastens when necessary and endures hardship and persecution for the church’s sake.
In 2007, God gave him the vision to start an annual Restoring Conference with the Conference theme: “When Order is Restored, Honor is Restored.” Throughout its inception, the restoring order conference has been the framework to help fashion and shape ministries according to the Word of God by allowing the men and women of God who serve in various capacities in various ministries to build upon the foundational principles of the Word of God and give them opportunities to demonstrate God’s love for His people.
Through his leadership, he has taught, trained and developed other leaders who have become effective in discipling others.
As one appointed to the office of the Apostle by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Lalan Phillips, wholeheartedly embraces the example placed before him by Jesus Christ, as well as the leadership and the guidance of the Holy Spirit…His Teacher.